Tutorial MUD, part 4: Mainloop and signals

We are starting to get the groundwork of our server in place, there are just a couple of things left to do. The first thing is to create a loop that will keep the server running. The second thing is to handle signals such as a user pressing CTRL-C in the console where the program is running.

For the previous article see part 3, and you can find the code we will be building on on github under the part-3 tag.

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Tutorial MUD, part 1.5: Makefile dependencies

While working on part 2, I noticed that I had forgotten one thing in part 1: Object file dependencies. Each object file compiled by the Makefile depends on its source file of course, but most of the time of one or more header files as well. So when a header file is changed, all object files that depend on that header file will be built and the whole application linked again.

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