About Joachim

There is really not much to say about Joachim. He was born, he grew up, he got drunk.

That’s about it. Ok, maybe some other stuff happened in-between, but it’s doubtful people want to hear about diaper changing or first day in school or things like that.


Joachim have some interests and hobbies, most of which have to do with computers. He has been interested in computers since before his teens, and has been programming on them since he got his first computer in mid 1980’s. Besides computers, Joachim has always been fond of reading books, ever since he learned to read around the age of four. Over time some of his favorite writers include Enid Blyton, Stephen King, J. R. R. Tolkien, and lately Terry Pratchett.

Since 2000 Joachim has also been more into going to live music shows and rock festivals, but he has always been listening to music. Starting out with New Wave in the early 1980’s, he now listens mostly to heavy metal or industrial music.


Yes, Joachim works for a living.

Code repositories

Since Joachim likes to code, it’s natural that he would put some of that code up for display somewhere. Here is a list of GIT repositories  where you can find some of the projects he is working on.


In the end, Joachim would like to add the following:

Spela metall för fan!

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