What is a MUD?

In short, MUD is an abbreviation of Multi User Dungeon, and is a kind of game played over the Internet. It is the forerunner of modern days MMORPGs.

For information about what a MUD is, see this Wikipedia article.

The MUDs of Joachim

Ever since he was introduced to them in the autumn of 1994 (Damn you Martin!) he had wanted to make his own. In the spring the next year he found the CircleMUD code-base, and made his own MUD built on that. It was running, very much against school regulations, on the college computers for a couple of years, but was lost when Joachim skipped school to start working instead.

Since then he has tried to start over with this old MUD of his, but other projects have always come in the way. Most of the time, these other projects are actually other MUD servers, and Joachim now has well over ten servers lying around his computer or the Internet, none of them finished.

Joachim currently have three MUD server projects he is working on:

PTMUD is a new version of the old MUD Joachim started while at college. It’s still using CircleMUD as a base, and will have quite extensive internal changes when done. It’s inspired by the first MUD Joachim frequented, which also happens to be one of the oldest MUD servers still running: Grimne MUD.

Shadow World and The Raven will both be made from scratch in the programming language C++. These two will start out from similar code-bases, but how the world in the games is defined and stored will be different. Also, the actual worlds and back-stories will be different as well.