Shadow World instead of TutorialMUD?

As the few who are following the progress (or rather, the lack of progress) of TutorialMUD know it's on an indefinite hiatus. I have thought about continue with it, and I still may. However in the meantime I have restarted working on one of my own MUDs, namely Shadow World. Unlike TutorialMUD it's supposed to be a full-featured server with a complete and playable world.

So I have decided that for my work on Shadow World, I will write a similar series of posts. The difference being that the posts for Shadow World will be of a more high level than the posts for TutorialMUD. The post for TutorialMUD was more low-level, with me showing and trying to explain the actual code. For Shadow World I will talk more about the design and specifications and the game mechanics, and let the people who are interested in the actual code to follow along with the changes in the GitHub repository.

The ultimate goal is of course to one day finish both of the MUDs, but I have to admit that it may take some time. However, now that I've stated publicly what my plans are for these two MUDS, I have to actually continue to work on them instead of doing what I most often do, namely to start over about once a year. Now I feel like I have no choice but to see my project to the finish line, even if it might take a couple of years. (Yes, a couple of years, my free time is limited, and it looks like it might get even more limited in the future.)

Hopefully I will have the first post ready before the end of the weekend, and that will be an overview of some of the design decisions I've made about the server.

The future of TutorialMUD

It's been some time since I last posted anything regarding TutorialMUD.

Don't worry, I haven't given up on it, and I still want to finish it. There will however still be some time until next post, as I'm thinking about the best way to continue with the series.

I'm thinking about the format of the series, maybe have posts with less code and more explanations about the actual code in the GIT repository instead. I'm also thinking about ways to lessen the number of networking posts. Networking is really central and important to a networked game, and as such is a large chunk of the code base. But as this is not a networking tutorial it might not be necessary to go into the gritty details too much, and instead continue to the actual MUD specific code. The same goes for basically all the other parts of the server as well, with me thinking that it's better to show how all pieces fit together than go into the details of every subsystem.

I don't know how many follow this, but I welcome all feedback I can get.

TutorialMUD hiatus

I haven’t been able to post new updates to the TutorialMUD series lately. Mostly because I have been very busy at work, but I have also started working again on one of my private projects. I will also not be able to post anything for another couple of weeks, as me and my wife will be traveling to the Philippines.

I have the next couple of articles almost finished, so I hope to put them up in quick succession when I get back home to Sweden.