Trouble installing Ubuntu 12.10 on my OCZ RevoDrive

I am used to trouble when doing a fresh install on my OCZ RevoDrive, as documented here (with a solution documented here.)

With my new computer (bought earlier this year) and the brand new relese of Ubuntu the problems have been bigger than ever. The problems seen to stem from the motherboards use of EFI instead of BIOS. This makes Ubuntu want to install an EFI bootloader, that that can't be handled by my OCZ RevoDrive.

I solve it by doing many weird steps:

  1. Do a normal install on one of my non-SSD drives, with separate boot, EFI and root partitions.
  2. Recreate the SSD RAID0 setup.
  3. Create the root partition on the SSD.
  4. Make a backup of the existing root partition, and restore on the new SSD partition.
  5. Tell GRUB2 not to use UUID (GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true in /etc/defaults/grub.)
  6. Recreate the GRUB2 configuration file.

Now I finally have at least the root partition on my SSD, but the boot (both for Linux and EFI) partitions are still on the normal drive, a solution I'm satisfied but not happy about.

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