Stack Overflow

The last two weeks I have been spending more and more time on Stack Overflow, a programming Q&A site. If you write good questions or answers, you get up-voted and earn “reputation”. I have to admit it’s addictive like a good game… You try your best to be both quick and accurate when writing an answer, to get higher reputation, and become almost angry when an answer is down-voted and you loose reputation.

So if anyone wonders why I haven’t been doing a lot of programming or designing on The Raven, now you know why.

Re-started on The Raven

Today I re-started on one of my MUD server projects: The Raven is being developed again. As usual, I’m of course starting totally from scratch, or at least just about. I am reusing my automake/autoconf configuration.

I am also looking at the upcoming Boost::log library, since I haven’t been too happy about the other existing C++ logging libraries, and I was not to happy with my own attempts either.

I had some trouble figuring out how to build Boost::log, but after some googling and some trial-and-error I got it to work. Now I just has to learn how to use it, and that doesn’t seem to be to easy.

All of this can of course be found in my github repository. The logging is currently being developed in the dev/log branch.