Tutorial MUD, part 0

I don’t know how many people still makes MUD servers, or want to make their own MUD server, but I’m guessing it must be more than me. Some of those people might want to make a   server, but just don’t know how.

Don’t worry, in this series I will create a simple MUD server in C++, while describing each and every step of the way for people to get a better understanding of what goes into a MUD server and how to make one.

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New ideas for MUD servers

As my regular readers might have deduced, I still like making MUD servers. I have a couple of projects already started (well, more or less), but still think about more projects from time to time.

Just the other day I have a thought for a new server design, that I thought would be a fun technical challenge: LLMS, or Low Level MUD Server. This would be a server coded completely in C and using no external libraries. It would be coded using only the standard C library and the platform system calls. It would actually be a back-to-the-basics kind of server in many aspects, but using otherwise modern design and system features.

And if I have LLMS, then of course I must make HLMS to; The High Level MUD Server. This would be made in C++ using as many external libraries and tools I could find, and if possible not use any standard or system functionality at all.

I think I have to start prioritize among my private projects…

My first working MUD server released

It’s been a long way coming, but I finally managed to put up my first MUD server to the public! Actually it’s an old server that I haven’t touched since April 1999!

It’s made in C++, but in a style that is called “C with classes” since I barely use much C++ functionality except simple classes. But back then I didn’t know any better, and as a programmer I have matured quite a lot since then.

Anyway, if you are curious about it, head on over to Github where the source can be found. It should compile on a modern Linux system (it does on my Ubuntu 11.10) without much tweaking.

Re-started on The Raven

Today I re-started on one of my MUD server projects: The Raven is being developed again. As usual, I’m of course starting totally from scratch, or at least just about. I am reusing my automake/autoconf configuration.

I am also looking at the upcoming Boost::log library, since I haven’t been too happy about the other existing C++ logging libraries, and I was not to happy with my own attempts either.

I had some trouble figuring out how to build Boost::log, but after some googling and some trial-and-error I got it to work. Now I just has to learn how to use it, and that doesn’t seem to be to easy.

All of this can of course be found in my github repository. The logging is currently being developed in the dev/log branch.