Home alone (almost)

So the wife got picked up by a limo to go on a bachelorette party, leaving me with Jake.

So I’m sitting here in front of the computer, sipping (very slowly) some wine, listening to music and eating candy, while Jake is fast asleep on the couch. I think we split the workload pretty evenly. 🙂

I should probably be programming, or playing one of the multitude of games I have to play (I love Kickstarter but for games I tend to pledge on levels where I get extra games). I have like over ten untouched games that I still need to play through, not to mention the betas/previews that I pledged for on Kickstarter (of which some I can’t run since I stubbornly won’t install Windows properly, some Windows games just down work in WINE or in a virtual machine.

Anyway, time to be productive, by surfing stackoverflow.com and playing solitaire (instead of the other games I should play).

Swedish board of immigration worked quickly?

It might seem unlikely, but it seems that the Swedish board of immigration (Migrationsverket) have been quicker that usual lately.

It’s in regards to my sister in law and her daughter, who will come visit us in Sweden, in that their applications was not only handled quite quickly (for a Swedish government authority), but the migration board also handled the “biometric data” collection and visa card preparation in only three weeks (normal time is supposed to be four to five weeks).

It seems that my sister in law (and daughter) will be here with us in just a week or so! It will be nice having someone to take care of the baby so that I can get some sleep… 😉