I see a Ghost

Some time ago I sponsored a Kickstarter campaign for a blogging publishing tool named Ghost. (The Ghost kickstarter.)

I got a pre-release up and going, and have started to write a little in it. Very little in fact, just two posts really, with one describing how I got Ghost up and running, and one describing how I added syntax highlighting.

The goal is that this tool should replace WordPress as my main publishing platform, but it’s not quite ready yet.

However, in the meantime I invite whoever might be interested to visit my new blog and check it out at http://ghost.pileborg.se/.

Does the price of ones car and ones empathy have an inverse relationship?

Yesterday when I was unloading the little one in the family parking area at the grocery store, I came into an argument with the young guy parked next to me. He was the owner of a two-seat Maserati, clearly not a family car which I pointed out to him. Why he did park there? Because he didn’t want to get his car scratched. Okay, valid reason, except there were a lot of space where there weren’t any cars parked at all, and where I almost never seen any car being parked over the years I been shopping at that store.

When I asked him why he didn’t park there instead, he replied that families with their children could park there instead. Unfortunately I missed the obvious reply to ask him if he rather have small children running all over the parking lot, and risk hitting them himself, than walk 50 meters extra?

It’s not the first time I’ve seen owners of expensive cars show a complete disregard of others, leading to the conclusion in the title: The more your car cost, the less empathy for others you seem to have. It also seems to be such a correlation with owners of big cars, the bigger the car is, the less they seem to care about others. And by caring about others, I also include such things as obeying laws and regulations, especially on the road.

Anyway, now I’ve blown off some steam, time to go back to work.

Home alone (almost)

So the wife got picked up by a limo to go on a bachelorette party, leaving me with Jake.

So I’m sitting here in front of the computer, sipping (very slowly) some wine, listening to music and eating candy, while Jake is fast asleep on the couch. I think we split the workload pretty evenly. 🙂

I should probably be programming, or playing one of the multitude of games I have to play (I love Kickstarter but for games I tend to pledge on levels where I get extra games). I have like over ten untouched games that I still need to play through, not to mention the betas/previews that I pledged for on Kickstarter (of which some I can’t run since I stubbornly won’t install Windows properly, some Windows games just down work in WINE or in a virtual machine.

Anyway, time to be productive, by surfing stackoverflow.com and playing solitaire (instead of the other games I should play).