List of answers I might need again

This is a list of answers that I have made, and that I might need to reference some time in the future.

A list of other answers that might be useful:

This isn’t an answer per-se, instead it’s intended as a comment for new users who post inappropriate questions:

  • First part
Welcome to Please take some time to read [the help pages](, especially the sections named ["What topics can I ask about here?"]( and ["What types of questions should I avoid asking?"]( Also please [take the tour]( and [read about how to ask good questions]( Lastly please learn how to create a [Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example](
  • Second part
Also please read [this question checklist](, and all of to learn some reasons your question might be down-voted. Finally, please [learn how to debug your programs](


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