Unpacking Blasphemous Cocktails

Today I got a package that I didn't know who it was from. The slip just said "Stewartstown, PA" with no other reference.

Curiously I went to fetch the package…

It turned out to be from one of my Kickstarter pledges, namely from Blasphemous Cocktails.

It's a book with cocktail recipes, inspired by the stories by H.P. Lovecraft and Lovecraftian horror and similar.

Here's my photos from the unpacking of it:

A pretty ordinary package


With some weird contents


Ah, so this is what it was!


Some coasters included


As well as a cool looking glas


Unfortunately not a proper drink, it’s kind of frown on at work


The book itself

Yes, please let my liver forgive me!

I'll have to come back later when I tried out the recipes with a review.

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