Markdown testing

I’m trying to get a markdown plugin for WordPress working. While it works well for some things it doesn’t for others.

For example code, while highlighted in the editor preview pane, is not highlighted in the preview page:

#include <iostream>
int main()
    std::cout << "Hello world\n";

Looks good in the preview pane in the editor, but not in the preview page, or in the published page. The code is highlighted on the main page though.

Update: Seems to be a problem with my browsers on my main work computer. Works fine for others, as well as on my other (Windows) work computer.

Update 2: Even weirder is that the highlighting works when I’m logged out, but not when I’m logged in.

Update 3: Seems that I solved the problem, the code should highlight properly when logged in now.

Joachim Jr?

Since Arlene posted to Facebook, I guess it's official now. smiley

I'm about to be a dad! Yes that's right, in a couple of weeks my wonderful wife will give birth to a new member of the Pileborg clan!

Picture of Arlene with a large belly

I'm happy, excited, and of course incredibly nervous!

So now you know why I have so little spare time recently (lost of preparations to do) and why it will be even less spare time in the future. So I guess I have to do as much programming as I can before it's time!

I'm happy that Arlenes sister got her visitors permit, so she can help us with everything when she comes. Oh by the way, Arlenes sister (and her daughter) will come visit soon. smiley