New year, new challenges

It's now 2013, a year that some thought would never come (What's with that? If a normal calendar ends, is it the end of the world?)

Some things stays the same (I'm still on Axis, I'm still good at procrastination), while other change. Some changes are small, like me starting on yet another couple of projects. Other changes are big, but I can't tell you what quite yet. wink

As for the projects, I'm working on a web-page for my step-dads construction company, and it's going well. I have also started to learn modern OpenGL, with programmable shaders and all. On top of that I have also started to study discrete math half-time.

Oh, and I'm apparently turning 40 in a couple of weeks. Always something to look forward to! smiley

Other than that, I think this will be a great year, not only for me and my wife but for everyone!

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