New ideas for MUD servers

As my regular readers might have deduced, I still like making MUD servers. I have a couple of projects already started (well, more or less), but still think about more projects from time to time.

Just the other day I have a thought for a new server design, that I thought would be a fun technical challenge: LLMS, or Low Level MUD Server. This would be a server coded completely in C and using no external libraries. It would be coded using only the standard C library and the platform system calls. It would actually be a back-to-the-basics kind of server in many aspects, but using otherwise modern design and system features.

And if I have LLMS, then of course I must make HLMS to; The High Level MUD Server. This would be made in C++ using as many external libraries and tools I could find, and if possible not use any standard or system functionality at all.

I think I have to start prioritize among my private projects…

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