Christmas over again

So it seems that Christmas has once again passed all to quickly. As usual I spent it with my family on Gotland. It was a long trip there and back, but worth every kilometer or it.

But it’s also nice being home, relaxing a day before it’s back to work. And of course there is also new-years eve to look forward too!

See you in the new year!

Old MUD servers

I was going through my hard-drive this weekend, and found some of my old MUD servers. The oldest seemed to be an archive from April 1999, and it contained an almost fully functional server.

So the next weekend I’m going to clean up the old servers, and make sure they can be built on a modern system, and then publish them. They might not be pretty, and the might not follow good object.oriented design principles, but my hope is that it might be useful for someone.